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This is in Boca Raton Florida not richardson ,tx.

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HORRIBLE FURNITURE STORE!!!!! My wife and I purchased 2 leather sofa's from Baers Furniture along with a 5 year protection plan that we paid 289.00 dollars for. We were told by the salesman it would cover anything that went wrong with the sectional including any type of stains, tears, or discoloring. When the sofa's were delivered the delivery people gave us a bottle of goop and said "this is your warranty and you need to read the direction's and follow them," Huh, this is my 5 year protection plan, you gotta be kidding me!! Needless to say we applied the goop to the sofa's, but unfortunately they were faulty and we needed to exchange the sofa's for a leather sectional. Again they delivered the furniture and gave us a second bottle of goop telling us to read the direction's and follow them, and we did. 1 1/2 years later the leather on the Chaise piece of the sectional started peeling off, discoloring and cracking on the back of the piece. We contacted Baers and we were told they have nothing to do with the warranties, we needed to contact the warranty company. We were never told about a warranty company, we were led to believe that Baers would honor the warranty with there own people. We contacted the warranty company and they set up a time and date for there technician to come out and look at the piece. He came out took pictures of the Chaise and asked to see the bottle of goop, which we showed him. We were then told they would get back to us. Now when we showed him the bottle of goop we showed him the unopened bottle because we didn't think that it mattered, he just asked to see the bottle of goop so we grabbed the first bottle that we saw and showed him. Well about 2 weeks later the warranty company called us and said "The bottle of goop was never opened there for the warranty on the entire sectional is now and forever VOIDED." You gotta be kidding me, we could not believe what we were hearing. We immediately contacted Baers and told them what happened and we were told by many different people including David and Michael Baer that there is nothing they can do about it. We even offered to come down to the store and show them both bottles of goop which would clearly show one opened and used and one not opened, they refused. We gave Baers Furniture 289.00 for absolutely Nothing!! We will never buy anything from Baers again and if your smart, YOU WON'T EITHER. We got SCAMMED, DON'T BE THE NEXT VICTIM OF THIS HORRIBLE FURNITURE STORE, THERE NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF *** ARTIST'S AND LIARS!!!!!

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Palm Coast, Florida, United States #1165056

I bought an expensive leather formal dining room set for 8, only used it twice, but when we moved to another house, my husband cleaned it with the leather cleaner I bought from them and the upholstery got damaged, it's not leather, it's pleather. What to do?


Baers Furniture a BIG customer service disappointment! The employees turned off the lights to encourage us to leave after we made a $4,000.00 purchase.

This was 30 minutes before closing time! I called on two occasions to inquire about the cost of a potential future purchase.

After speaking with two different sales persons; no one ever called me back with any information. This is really sad.


All that I am reading are negatives are there any positive reviews out there?


I can say that your experience with Baer's is pretty much the same as mine with other stores. I think it is a furniture industry issue not so much a store issue or even a management issue.

Once you buy the thing the store is not really responsible and you get stuck between the manufacturer and the store both denying any obligation to you, the buyer. I bought a very expensive American-made stand alone (not hung by chains) powder-coated metal porch swing with a canvas canopy. The canopy supports got bent from the weight of rainwater in the canvas. Since I considered this my fault all I wanted was help replacing the support arms.

Got nowhere. I was told to contact the manufacturer as the store was no longer responsible. OK. Manufacturer said it would be impossible to replace or repair the canopy arms so just to remove them and do without the canopy.

That's what I did -- got an Allen wrench and took them off.

It doesn't look very nice without the canopy, but oh well. :upset


Thanks to all who have commented on Baers furniture. We were getting ready to purchase a formal dinning room set, however, due to the negative comments on this company, we will shop elsewhere.

I cant believe that Baers has not even responded to these complaints ( you would think they would at least defend themselves on this board) so....that tells me even more about this company.


Just want to update this posting by saying i followed through with a complaint with the bbb, and Baers Furniture never even responded to the complaint.Wow! I hope anyone reading this posting really thinks twice about shopping at Baers Furniture,because it is a *** bag Furniture store run by *** bag people!!!


Just want to update this posting by saying i followed through with a complaint with the bbb, and Baers Furniture never even responded to the complaint.Wow! I hope anyone reading this posting really thinks twice about shopping at Baers Furniture,because it is a *** bag Furniture store run by *** bag people!!!


Same here. Just had second service call.

I bought the extended warranty with the same claims. When we reported a pen stain, they sent a lipstick type applicator with instrulctions for me to clean the ink stain myself. Now one of the cushsions has torn loose (nice leather sofa). Tears are covered by the extended warranty - right?

Guess again - they came to the house and immediately determined that it is a manufacturer's defect and not wear and tear - therefore not covered. What!

My warranty states that were and tear (even specifically tears) is covered. Still fighting with them.


I guess the only thing I can say to you is that you are not alone. Baer's is without a doubt one of the worst furniture stores I have dealt with.

I posted a complaint last January here relating to a Serta mattress that I simply could not sleep on. I followed through completely with the "elusive Store Mgr." who agreed to replace the mattress but did so with an ATTITUDE....even after the replacement nothing changed.....major night sweats. I also filed a complaint with the BBB which to this day remains unresolved.

Baer's fails to realize that customer service is paramount in any successful business. I feel bad for anyone who has gotten screwed by these only hope is that I can save someone the hassle and aggravation of doing business with them.

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