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To whom it may concern,

We bought an expensive, three-piece living room set for our home from Bears.

We began to notice that the loveseat upholstery did not hold up like the

other two pieces. This was surprising as it is the least used chair in the set.

As we were encouraged to purchase the warranty policy from Bears, we notified Uniters

insurance immediately of the furniture’s defect as the couches fell within the warranty period.

Uniters insurance sent out a repair person who told us that we would wait 8 to 12 weeks to get the fabric in and then the repair would be made. That was over six months ago. We have been given nothing but the runaround by Uniters and Bears in order to run out the clock on our furniture warranty.

Now we are being told that not only can the fabric not be found after waiting six months for it to arrive, but that we are being offered $369 or a replacement love seat. As the unit is no longer made, this will be an unmatched seat in our home and it’s completely unacceptable to us. If I wanted an unmatched set of furniture I would’ve bought that when I initially went to Bears.

We were sold inferior quality furniture by Bears, we were sold an insurance warranty policy that was nonexistent and now we have have a worn love seat in our home that looks terrible versus the other two pieces in the set.

Since Uniters cannot fix the love seat to the condition it should be in after such a short period of ownership, we expect Bears to replace all three pieces and refund us the cost of the insurance since there never was an active enforceable warranty policy.

However, we would prefer a return of our purchase price plus the cost of the insurance policy and we would rather purchase quality furniture from a more reputable furniture company.

Please advise immediately as we do not find $369 acceo, we do not find replacement of the loveseat only with an odd piece of furniture an acceptable option, and we were sold substandard, subquality furniture at a very expensive price.

You can come pick up your furniture tomorrow and please bring a check for the full purchase amount as well as the cost of the insurance warranty policy. If you think we are going to be ripped off by Baer‘s furniture and Uniters warranty, you have guessed incorrectly.

Melanie S Hecker, MD,

Sent from my iPhone

On Jan 7, 2019, at 1:22 PM, "djheck@aol.com" wrote:

We paid $999 for the love seat, so we can find a replacement for that amount or less, but Baers no longer has our model in stock, so it probably won't match.

-----Original Message-----

From: djheck

To: melanie

Sent: Mon, Jan 7, 2019 1:20 pm

Subject: This is from Baers and Uniters- they can't get a replacement part. Fwd: Cash settlement offer for your claim

-----Original Message-----

From: Warranty Service

To: djheck

Sent: Wed, Jan 2, 2019 10:50 am

Subject: Cash settlement offer for your claim

Warranty Service

Dear David Hecker,

We are pleased to inform you that the Warranty Service Center has the following options to resolve your warranty claim (C2011285):

Option 1

A Cash settlement in the amount of $ 349.65 in the form of a check. This option will allow you to keep possession of your item(s) and the receipt of aforementioned amount. Please note that the receipt of the check, will fulfill all warranty obligation under the plan and will void coverage on the replaced item.

To receive the check please do the following:

Fill out the attached release form.

Reply to this email with the completed form attached.

Please verify the name and address on the form are correct. This information will be used to issue the check.

Option 2

A full replacement authorization for your item(s). This option will allow you to replace the claimed item(s) through your original store of purchase. The amount of the full replacement will be of equal or lesser value to the original purchase price. Please note that the receipt of the replacement item(s) will fulfill all warranty obligation under the plan and void coverage on the new item(s).

Please contact the Warranty Service Center within 30 days from the date of this communication so that we may proceed with the resolution of your claim. This offer is valid for a period not to exceed 30 calendar days from the date of this offer.

Should you have any questions regarding this offer, please contact us by replying to this email.

Thank you,

Warranty Service

*This email represents the status of your account at the time of sending, subsequent updates may be reflected in your Warranty Service account.

Copyright 2019 Warranty Service, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is: P.O. Box 10909 West Palm Beach, FL 33419

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Hello Mr. Hecker, Our Manager is working closely with the representative at Uniters, to resolve this matter. We thank you for your patience.

Baers Furniture Verified Representative

Mrs. Hecker, I know management has been trying to contact you on your claim for a couple days now.

Please reach out to Sue Dame at sdame@baers.com or 954-946-8007 x15001.

Thank you in advance! Baer's Furniture!

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